There are so many sources of stress in today’s world. Sickness and disease, inadequate medical care, the rising cost of living, broken relationships, social conflict, violence, and grief from a pandemic that took so many lives. These problems continue to present major challenges to peace of mind. We try to find peace in any ways, but often, our best efforts just don’t seem to be good enough. This book provides helpful strategies to overcome anxiety, worry and fear and find peace of mind. The author advocates a change in perspective that shifts the focus from the external world with its trouble and unrealistic expectations to the internal world of self- awareness and spiritual truth. The internal perspective embraces faith in the power of God to change the unchangeable, control the uncontrollable and to promote spiritual healing, mental and emotional renewal and strength. Practical, biblically- based suggestions and strategies are provided to help the reader apply spiritual principles to problems and difficult circumstances. The reader is taught how to rise above circumstances, release anxiety, worry, and fear and experience true and lasting peace.